Mediamyxx:The Brady Bunch goes to the Super Bowl

Tom Brady and his Patriots are once again going to the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots edged out the Baltimore Raven 23-20 in a nail biter. The Raven’s had a chance to tie and send the game into overtime when Raven’s kicker Billy Cundiff missed the 32 yard kick. The Patriots are now waiting to see who will win between the Giants and 49ers to find out who they will be playing but right now the players can sit back and enjoy the AFC championship . Congrats to the Patriots and prayers to Billy Cundiff you will need them.


Mediamyxx:Recap: Mob Wives

Tonight Vh1’s Mob Wives aired and I realized the tough talking girls from Staten Island are wearing me thin. There has to be more in life than fighting and arguing  either make up or move on but the Karen/Drita situation is past its expiration date. Drita we get it you fought alot, you fought in every bar you and Carla go to drink at now but enough with the stories about throwing hands. There has to be more in your life then fighting also for the record, what happened to you at Renee’s party is no different from what happen to Karen on the rooftop. Karen we get it you will “Keep coming” ok you have the heart of a lion ok but so what. Drita has your mind and you have hers it’s time to focus on some form of talent. At least the Basketball wives and Love and Hip Hop girls try to expand their brands during the show. Carla was her using boring self while looking amazing but I must say she was 100% correct when dealing with Karen about their issues.  Renee was the laugh I needed for the night going  all Faye Dunaway circa Mommie Dearest with the no crumbs on her floor while clearly having too much to drink. Then there is my new fav Big Ang all about having a good time living life to the fullest. With the way the main cast is acting hopely she will get more airtime because this episode left me wanting. What do you think let me know over at @mediamyxx or @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:LL Cool J to host the Grammy’s

LL Cool J was announced as the host of the 2012 Grammy’s. It’s the first time in seven years the awards show will have a host. The rapper/actor hosted the Grammy nomination for years and finally got the big show. Of course LL has the ear of the CBS brass due to his role in the smash hit NCIS: LA. Congrats to LL on getting this gig with that said I personally have no desire to see the Grammys this year it seems like well a bore. What is your opinion will you be watching let us know and read the rest of LL’s snag here:…op+Headlines%29

Mediamyxx:Solange Knowles signs with Next Models

Solange Knowles is adding a new slash to her career that of a model. Solange signed with Next Models based out of the UK and the agency has wasted no time putting the younger Knowles to work. The Rimmel spokeswomen is  featured in Instyle, V Magazine, Oyster Magazine and Italian Vogue where she announced her new album on the way. Solange also walked the runway in Milan for Alberta Feretti and has made the rounds in Europe for fashion week. See the stunning photos of her magazine photo shoots over at Solange’s My Damn Blog and read her Italian Vogue interview here:


Solange Knowles.

Personal Style
Evolving, Bold, Unrefined, Expressive.

Place you call home

Must have wardrobe items
Vibrant colours and print fabrics. High waisted silhouettes, statement shoes, easy dresses and Doc Martens for rainy days.

Favourite designers
Marni, DVF, Acne, Opening Ceremony, J.Crew, Boxing Kitten.

One item every girl should have ?
“I believe every girl should own a pair of chic and comfortable flats.”

What is your definition of style ?
“The canvas of our individuality. An outlet for expression.”

Favourite places to shop?
“I do most of my shopping online with Net A Porter, Shopbop, Theoutnet. When I need the in store experience, Opening Ceremony in New York is always fun.”

Fashion Icons?
“Diana Ross, Erykah Badu, the Fela Kuti Queens, my uber glam mother, Chaka Khan, Bjork and the girls on the street in my hood.”

Most valuable possessions
“My sanity.”

Where do you find inspiration?
“Travelling, diving into other cultures face first. The colours everywhere, the colour palette of shotgun houses in New Orleans, spices in Marrakesh, nail polishes on shelf at my favourite nail shop in Brooklyn. I just left Rwanda and have never seen colours used in such natural and spectacular way in my life. I see colour before I see any other element in design.”

Song of the moment?
CJ HILTON Cold Summer.

Beauty Routine
“I am very low maintenance. I think I am lucky when I get to wash my face at night. I occasionally get facials by a miracle worker in Los Angeles named Mirta. However, apparently getting facials is not the way to erase months of carelessness and angry pores. Sleep is vital, happiness is key so I feel the most beautiful with those two elements combined.”

Make up Routine
YSL concealer, Rimmel mascara, Rimmel pencil eyeliner, bright lips… Keep it moving

IT Bag?
“I have never really been a bag girl.(Shoes is a whole other monster) but I am currently carrying a Mulberry bag that I love!”

Fondest childhood memory
“Too many good ones to share!”

Relationship status
“Happily Committed. It is not complicated, thank God!”

Personal motto
“I tend to adopt Tamar Braxton’s Motto over my OWN.COM.”

What does success means to you?
“Defining success on my own terms. First, being a loving and committed mother. I have failed in all things if I have not achieved that. Being an artist that creates to express the needs of my own, and in the process hopefully inspiring others. Having the financial stability to support the lifestyle that makes me feel fulfilled. I know that happiness is a temporary state of mind, success means for me constantly growing, evolving to find that place.”

How do you feel about being recognise for your great sense of style?
“I feel completely flattered and also very humbled.”

Your wish list for the season?
“I am still on last season wish list! I still need to dive into some of the insane sales of things I drooled over but could not fix myself to buy new things when I have a new house to furnish. There is a pink and orange wool jacket from Bottega Veneta that I am lusting over. A yellow Proenza Skirt I have been trying to get my hands on forever. I am definitely into waiting until I can truly afford the statement pieces I love, that I will wear forever! I still have couture dresses that came out 4 years ago, that have not worn yet. I am definitely not in a rush to wear things because they are the new new. I guess when I will decide to wear those pieces people will be calling them vintage (Laughs).”

What is your opinion about the black representation in the fashion industry?
“I think it is evolving, and that is a beautiful thing! Now when I flip trough magazines I can see just as many beautiful black models in major campaigns as any other race. Unique, striking,beautiful women. I felt so extremely blessed to be Rimmel’s first black spokesperson, and to be embraced fully for being exactly who I am. And standing next to Kate Moss, with my Afro bigger than days light. I don’t by any means consider myself the most qualified for model material. I think that people tend to respond to what is real. Black women carry that flame with so much ease and confidence. It is being captured and celebrated on all fronts in fashion now. I have friends who are doing greats things, that movement is very real and well deserved!”

5 things you can´t live without?
Water, food, plants, sun and sex.

“My blood, sweat, tears and long awaited album, which is being mixed as we speak.”

Mediamyxx:RIP Joe Paterno

As we posted earlier Joe Paterno was in serious condition due to complications from his treatment of lung cancer, well unfortunately the coach died from the complications. Paterno the 85-year old legend retired recently from Penn State following the fall out from the Jerry Sandusky scandal. RIP Pa Joe and our condolences go out to his family and his extended Penn State family.

Update: According to Paterno family spokesperson Dan McGill reports of Joe Paterno’s death are untrue. Looks like Pa Joe is still fighting sorry for the conflicting reports

Mediamyxx:Joe Paterno’s condition worsens

Joe Paterno’s fight with lung cancer has taken a turn for the worse as the legendary football coach is now in serious condition. The former Penn State University icon has taken a beating by the press due to the allegation of former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky . We are sending out prayers to the former football titan and wish him a recovery. Read more on the coaches condition here:

Mediamyxx:Newt Gingrich poised for “Big Win” in the South Carolina primaries

A week ago today Mitt Romney had two wins under his belt and looked to be heading for a third in South Carolina as the momentum was clearly on his side. However that was a week ago since then , Iowa was recounted and given to Santorum and now Newt Gingrich looks to be heading for a huge win in South Carolina making the campaign a three-man race. Gingrich was relentless while campaigning in South Carolina taking shots at the former MA governor in ads and becoming the clear winner in the debate. We will keep you updated on any new information regarding the race to 2012 and read more deets on the primary here:

Update: Newt Gingrich is offically annouced the winner of the South Carolina Primary

Mediamyxx:Stupid in Love

I have tried to stay away from this story but reading  US Weekly’s article  about the alleged “hooking up” of   Chris Brown and Rihanna made me toss my two cents into the depths of  cyberspace. For months various “sources” have alluded to the pair hooking back up and being in contact with each other. We all know the back story, young love shattered when two spoiled celebrities have a blow out in the back of a car after a pre-Grammy party. Their lives changed forever as Chris Brown was the pirah of the industry and Rihanna was championed for her bravery since the unfortunate occurence. It is clear that the couple broke up because the industry forced them to,  Rihanna received warnings from Oprah, Ellen and every domestic violence expert that found an outlet that would feature them. Chris Brown went on ill-advised interviews and twitter rants which did nothing for his image as he seemed surprised  and baffled by the pubic backlash and then there is  Rihanna turned well slutty. She has put out three albums since the assault seems to revel in using the public sympathy to negate her of any responsiblity. When the incident first happen she did her infamous ABC interview with Diane Sawyer where she cared about the message she sent to young girls. Now two albums and hair colors later she is no role model and not responsible for the images she puts out. She just has to live the “Rock Star” life style which means drinking, partying , smoking weed and planting pictures to in the press to back that image up. Chris seemed to move responsibly doing his community service, getting rave reviews from the judge during progress reports and in releasing his album  F.A.M.E in 2011 spawning the mega hit Look at me Now and duces. Chris Brown was back performing at the awards shows, getting mainstream interviews and dating model Karrueche Tran. Chris’s comeback was noticed by the industry when he received Grammy nominations for the album and praise from former love Rihanna. Rihanna’s tune on Chris changed more in the last year then her vocals during a live performance. When the pop tart covered Rolling Stone she explained her strange decision to remove the restraining order against Brown as professional decision. ” His career did nothing to me” she informed the public and told her fans “I never need to talk to Chris Brown again”. Of course before the interview hit  stands the Bajan had already followed Chris on twitter so she would be able to talk to him again in direct messages on the social network. When her fans called her out on the decision she snapped at the fan.  That was explained in her Glamour  interview as it’s just twitter not marriage. Fast forward to her Esquire interview where the Bajan praised Brown’s ability to turn his career around when his back was to the wall and cited how she love the music he was making and that leads to the pair twitter declarations of love for each other. Star, Life and Style , In Touch and the National Enquirer have run stories about Rihanna’s undying love for her ex and with the Us Weekly story we can only  say where there is smoke there is fire. Chris Brown’s rep says he and Rihanna are just friends and he has not strayed on Karrueche and Rihanna seems to enjoy the attention the story brings her as she plant photos in the press of her smoking weed, wearing G-Strings and being raunchy. Who knows where this obsession will land the two of them but Mediamyxx will be here to report it. What is your opinion on this story? Hit us at @mediamyxx or @akireshenri