Mediamyxx: New Jordans, New Outrage

As I made my morning rounds reading my TL on twitter I saw many putting concorde in their tweets. As I did more research I found that the new Jordans dropped named CONCORDE and people were   standing in line for them. Suddenly unfounded reports of someone being murdered line and faux outrage of poor people buying the shoes began to circulate. Why is this such a big deal? Why do we only count poor people’s money when they buy from a Black names? I am sure women spend more on red bottoms and Jimmy Choo ‘s and am pretty positive a great deal who purchase them cannot afford them  and we have all seen the Louis Viuton, or Prada on someone who is charging tomatoes . The entire Sex and the City franchise is built around buying shoes lead character Carrie couldn’t afford. If we aren’t going to get outraged over all expensive items then save your criticism for the Jordan brand and  spread the outrage. Contrary to popular belief overspending is not just a poor issue.  What do you think?


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