Mediamyxx:Homey.. Worker.. Friend

In last nights episode of TI and Tiny, TI had a book signing in LA and took his wife Tiny along with him. To make sure she wasn’t board Tiny brought along her own friends including her friend/hair stylist Shekinah. As the episode progresses Shekinah becomes frustrated with Tiny because she hangs with her “rich friends” and she is broke. Shekinah says Tiny treats her like a friend one minute and an employee the next and it gets confusing to her. It became obviously confusing when Tiny was pitching a late night talk show ideal to Tip’s agent. She continued to speak out of turn and irritated TIP’s agent by doing so. I sat there in disbelief as Tiny actually explained herself to Shekinah instead of putting her in her place. TI said it best you can be my friend for free or do your job and accept your salary and the perks that comes along with this agreement. What do you think about this?


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