Mediamyxx:Nigga What?

This time last week the media was at a fever pitch about singer Rihanna and her blow up with Jackie Magazine. We gave our unique view on the blow up here but true to form the media lauded brave Rihanna for taking to her twitter to write an impassioned rebuttal to the writer’s “desperate” use of the word Nigger when in reference to the singer. Urban bloggers gave the good for her spiel while the commenters gave credit to her advanced education she received in the Caribbean. Apparently even though Rihanna dropped out of school she is still ahead of US pop stars and didn’t need a publicist to write her rebuttal for her. Other bloggers and members of media didn’t understand how the Dutch could think Nigger would be an ok word to use and thought the excuse it was a joke was a plea bargain. A week later now the dust of settled Rihanna did what she does best, make fools out of people who support her. She took to twitter to confess she uses the word in her everyday interactions AND she thinks it’s funny that white people don’t have the same right to the word. Of course outside of this piece there will be no tough love for the singer. Everyone got what they wanted the media got a story during a slow news week, the bloggers got hits and Rihanna got about 40k more in record sales. Meanwhile an editor is out of a job and the debate on white people using nigga outside of paying 500 dollars for a rap concert rages on. I am sure there is a faux controversy around the bin for Rihanna and I am sure the media will feign the faux outrage as they cover it but know we still feel the same today as we felt the last week. Hopefully we can begin a real conversation about the use of the word among the youth. If white people can’t use it fine then stop with tanning of America claims, the claims of how hip hop bridged the races and how the word lost its power.  If the word still causes outrage then the power is very much still there. What do you think of the situation?


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