Mediamyxx:Recap: Love and Hip Hop

Last night Vh1’s Love and Hip Hop had their finale and it focused on showing the girls moving forward in their lives. The show was more reflective and positive for most and left the petty fighting in Miami. Chrissy is in heaven being newly engaged as she patches up things with Jim’s mother and the couple along with Nancy headed to the  island of Jamaica. Before the trip Nancy performed her single in a club where Yandy foolishly compared it to a Beyonce transformation. Speaking of Yandy she finally admitted to her mentor Mona she crossed the line with Jim and got too involved emotionally. Yandy decided to focus on the upcoming Missy project and her jewelry line. Emily supported Chrissy and continued to want more from her Fab which makes me happy considering the bad advice she was given the prior week. Kimbella announced she is expecting another baby with Juelz and is becoming tired of his shenanigans. The rapper was arrested and Kimbella spoke in frustration over how the relationship was not moving forward. Olivia turned down a record deal for 1.5 because she feels she is worth more. Rich Dollar wisely tells her he has no more money to invest in her career as it’s clear she is dumb is as a box of rocks. The ending of Love and Hip Hop left me wanting more and I cannot wait until next season. What do you think of the finale let us know on twitter.


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