Greek Ambitions

Ahhh I love Greek history. I can talk about the Alexander the Great, The Spartans and my favorite the Greek Gods like most talk about sports. This weekend Wrath of the Titans is coming out and I cannot wait. I went and saw the Clash of the Titans remake and had every intention to hate it but fell in love with the cast. See the trailer below and tell me do you plan on seeing it. Let’s discuss


Beautiful Nightmare


I have the worst allergies in the history of mankind’s existence on earth but I couldn’t help but to snap this picture. My inner child wanted to run through this field and repeat lines from The Wizard of Oz and The Color Purple but the adult realized it would take me two weeks to recover. What are some things that you love and admire from afar? Hit me up on twitter @akireshenri or in comments

Welcome Back

Akires at Midnight is back. Instead of linking it back to Mediamyxx which I write for exclusively(please come and read more of my writings) I am making this my person thoughts and way of life. I will also start another radio show for the blog. Thank you all for your kind words and for reading the blogs, listening to the radio show and helping me achieve a life long dream,

Akires Henri


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