Mediamyxx:Copyright Carter

As bottom feeders were lining up to copyright any part of Blue Ivy Carter they could Beyonce moved and signed up on January 26 to copyright her daughters name. As two copyright request have been thrown out recently by the Federal courts, Beyonce under her BGK trademark holding’s company will clearly get the right to her baby’s name. Some are trying to point out that it normally takes longer for some to get their copyright seen and trying to connect the speedy courts with the fact she is high profile with friends in high places but really who cares. Beyonce is high profile and is protecting her daughters name and rights after others tried to profit off a newborn baby. Beyonce’s company is also in contention to trademark the name “Blackbirds” under food products, interesting anyway read more about Blue’s copyright here:


Mediamyxx:What had happen was?

When Joseph Mbeh filed to copyright Blue Ivy Carter in NYC two days after the privileged baby’s birth the world tore him a new one for trying to make a buck off a new-born baby. Joseph is now trying to clear up his intentions by using the situation to sell his already existing clothing line. The designer who has worked with lines such as Phat Farm says he was really just trying to pitch a business plan to Blue’s famous parents. So essentially according to him he was going to steal their baby’s name and then force them into business with him? Read Mbeh’s response here:

Mediamyxx:No Infant should have all that Power

Blue Ivy continues to take over hollywood as the barely one month old infant makes power celebrity list. No I am not kidding the one month old is the most powerful baby in hollywood due to her famous parents. Read the list here : and tell us what you think about in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:You Don’t Say?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about the media’s need to be the skin tone police when it comes to blacks. I wrote about the black and mainstream’s press obsession with Beyonce’s complexion. Well the Huffington Post had an article today that proved my very point, the faux outcries of “what about the children” are nothing more than using a famous celebrity to get more hits and press to their specific cause. Anthony Dickey wrote of his encounter with the press when he refused to give the press what they wanted ,please read  his story here: go back and read my article here: When you read these sites and writers extol their level of blackness over another remember it’s all about the hits at the end of the day let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:NY Courts put the smack down on Blue Ivy Clothing line

Since the birth of Blue Ivy Carter the world has gone out-of-the-way to make money off the infant, from assigning photo hogs to capture her picture, to other celebs moms giving unneeded advice to the new mom (Syleena Johnson giving Beyonce advice on how to lose weight, really?). Blue is a hot commodity so much so the fashion industry is trying to get in on the action. Joseph Mbeh tried to start a clothing line called Blue Ivy Carter, NYC unfortunately for him no one was buying he started it before the Carters and the courts shot down his request. Another bottom feeder is trying to get in on the action saying they were using Blue Ivy Carter IV Glory since 2011 on skin creams. Sigh, read the courts decision here : and tell us what you think in comments and @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Billboard’s Power List

Billboard put out their power 100 list and you can see the men and women behind the scenes who make the money off your favorite artist. The only artist to actually make the list are Jay-z and Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga ,U2,  and Jon Bon Jovi. Read the list here: and tell us what you think

Mediamyxx:Beyonce 101

Queen Bey is a singer, actress, businesswoman , new mom and new class? Rutgers University now has a class called politicizing Beyonce where they break down her social impact on the world and on women in general. She joins hubby Jay-z, Nas and Biggie where their music and backgrounds are being broken down to study for college credit. Beyonce was chosen by the professor because he said unlike other p0p singers she isn’t just making music , but she is in control of her own aesthetic she puts out into the world. Read about the class here: and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Oprah is not Blue’s Fairy Godmother

Yesterday we told you a certain website put out a rumor that Oprah was Blue Ivy Carter’s Godmother. We also informed we were 99.9% sure it was false , well we were once again proven right about the said site as once again their “source” was wrong. Gayle King puts the rumors to rest and states Oprah is not the baby’s godmother and hasn’t even bought a gift for the young princess as she is currently out of the country. Well there you have it another rumor debunked,read the rest of the interview with King here: and tell us what you think , give us your comments or hit us up on twitter @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:For Hits: Oprah is Blue Ivy’s Godmother

Blue Ivy Carter is not even 1 month old yet and she has spawned more rumors and stays in the news more than anyone. First it was the issue around her special birth, then a man named his clothing company Blue Ivy Carter clothing in an attempt to make money off her name. Well the source is known for being 99.9% inaccurate about anything but in the .001% chance they are right Oprah is allegedly the infants Godmother . Her Godfather is allegedly Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith, Jay-z’s longtime friend. If it is not true well it should be expected if it is score for Blue Ivy. What do you think hit us up @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Rosebarr Barr is an Idiot

When blues legend Etta James died last week after her long fight with leukemia Roseanne Barr used her twitter page to vent over Etta not singing for President Obama and blasted Beyonce for messing Etta over. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion it was not the place, time, nor business of Roseanne Barr. Of course Beyonce’s loyal stans rushed to her defense as Roseanne called them all kind of derogatory names. Of course the next day Roseanne issues an apology to the fans and to Beyonce praising her talent when she just said she couldn’t sing. Twitter is a wonderful social network which allows celebrities to speak directly to their fanbase but it comes a time when it’s too much. If Roseanne didn’t agree with the who the President wanted to sing she is well within her right but to use her death to rant about something so non important is just ridiculous. What do you think.

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