Here Kitty Kitty

As I have posted before I am in love with Melody Ehsani. Her around the way girl style just speaks to me and I love her earrings and necklaces. Once again she didn’t disappoint me as she brought back the door knocker earrings. I have been looking for lion door knocker earrings ever since Kelis wore them in her live performance in 2010.  Look below as Melody brings this to life for me and don’t forget to look at her entire line here also for good measure look at the Kelis performance that gave me the inspiration and tell me what you think here in comments or on my twitter @akireshenri

Ms. Nice Watch

Anyone that knows me knows I love a great watch. I clearly cannot afford a Rolex watch by my Michael Kors does me just fine. I know that as an American I am supposed to think European style and designers are superior but I have to say my favorites are Michael Kors, Tory Birch, Tracy Reese and Rachel Roy. I also love the preppy Tommy Hilfiger. Right now I am obsessed with the gorgeous gold and rose gold watches. Look at the pictures below and tell me what you think at @akireshenri

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Easy , Breezy Makeup Tips

I have to admit wearing makeup is new to me, even as a 34-year-old woman I barely wore it. My everyday was mascara and some lip gloss. Now that I am starting to wear makeup I am alway curious how to make it pop and happen to see Paula Patton and celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sherrif going over how to wear the Covergirl Queen collection. Watch the videos below and tell mewhat you think about the tips she provided. Do you have additional tips on makeup? Hit me up on facebook at Akiresatmidnight or on twitter at @akirehenri

The Structure

I have wanted a Hermes Birkin bag forever. The bag was a symbol of status and I loved the leather it looked so regal. Well with every Kim Kardashian, Guliana Ranic and NeNe carrying one now it seems to have lost it’s luster for me. Why get on a waiting list to look like them. Well I found a replacement that is much more affordable. Micheal Kors I love his bags and clothes and have found an orange and blue bag with structure that I will gladly rock. Tell me what you think about the MK bags in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

My Favorite Things: Melody Ehsani

As I get older the things that appeal to me don’t cost alot but the creatvity and statement it makes is what pulls me in. I guess that’s why instead of being drawn to bling I am drawn to dope designer Melody Ehsani. Her peices are fly, different, upscale with a twist and I love them.  I am looking at the new looks for spring and the earrings that stand out to me are the  art deco peices and the asjai heel. Look at the pictures below courtesy of and tell me what you favorite peices are @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Hip Hop Hooray

As a girl raised in the hip hop era I was overjoyed to find out style maven June Ambrose was getting her own show. June is responsible for the Shiny Suits Puff wore and the Mary J that was so hood and so fly. She is responsible to emancipating Mimi’s breast from a shirt and turning Jay-z into a grown man burning his jeans and jersey for a more refined grown up look. June is the official stylist of the US version of the X factor and that is great considering she got her start working at MCA Records. June’s show Styled by June, premieres in March on VH1 and the maven finally is getting her just due in the world of fashion. Read this amazing write-up on June here: and tell us will you be watching June’s show hit us here in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

(photo courtesy of NY Daily News)

Mediamyxx:Willow Smith Whips her Hair no more

Will and Jada’s little star Willow rose to notoriety last year with her infectious hit Whip your hair. The pre-teen has everyone waiting for her new album Knees and Elbows to drop this year on Roc Nation but she shocked everyone when she released pictures of her chopping off her hair. The 11-year-old phenom released the pictures on her site and I for one was taken aback. I have to say if anyone can pull off these looks it is Willow and she is the perfect blend of her mom and dad. Look at the pictures and tell us what you think . Pictures courtesy of Willow Smith:

Mediamyxx:The Fashion Diary of Solange :Day 2

We are taking the journey with fashionista Solange Knowles as she shows the world a look into her unique style everyday this month. Yesterday we showed you her fab look to go to the studio. Today her whimsical look to meander around NYC is fab  she describes her look:”Love the print on these Tibi pants! Paired them with an Alexander Wang shirt…or dress…or “shress” if you may (I know they have a proper term for this – shirt-dress – but gotta admit “shress” is much more fun!), Dries Van Noten shoes, Aldo rings, and Illesteva glasses that I’m in love with. ” Look at the pictures here courtesy of Vogue UK read more here:—day-2b and tell us what you think of Solo’s style in comments  or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Solange Does British Vogue

Fashionista Solange Knowles continues her style tour as another publication features her daring style. The younger Knowles continues to be a muse for the fashion industry as features her unique style in their Today I’m Wearing series.  Read the article here :—closet-diaries and tell us what you think about Solange’s style in the comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri. Photo courtesy of

Mediamyxx:Adepero Oduye and Paula Patton cover Vanity Fair

Adepero Oduye from the critically acclaimed movie Pariah and Paula Patton from Mission Impossible 4:Ghost protocol cover the Hollywood edition of Vanity Fair. The ladies look lovely on the cover. Other actresses include Jessica Chastian and Jennifer Lawrence. Tell us what you think of the cover in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

(courtesy of Vanity Fair)