Mediamyxx:Spin the Bottle

According to longtime host of Wheel of Fortune , Pat Sajak both he and hostess Vanna White taped episodes of the long time game show drunk. He says he would load up on margaritas during breaks in taping. Sajak also admits him and White would be so drunk they would have issues recognizing the letters. This has to be funny to someone else besides me. Read the rest of Sajak’s confessions here: tell us what you think in comments of @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Mediamyxx:Demi Moore’s health crisis

Actress Demi Moore was admitted into the hospital last night and is seeking treatment for “exhaustion”. The actress who recently split with her husband,  Ashton Kutcher, is said to be abusing prescription medication. Moore was signed on to play legendary feminist Gloria Steinem in the upcoming  movie Lovelace but is no longer attached to the project. We will keep you updated on her health. Read more about her condition here:,,20564383,00.htm What do think about Demi Moore’s condition leave us your comments or hit us up on twitter @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Support Red Tails

The day is finally here Red Tails the movie based on the mighty Tuskegee Airmen arrives in studios today and we are asking all to go see this movie. George Lucas of Star Wars and Indiana Jones fame took 40 years to get this movie made and now is the time to support the effort.  Make sure you check your ticket stubs to reflect the movie and hit us on twitter , send us pictures of your stubs and let us know your opinion on the movie. We will have our first movie review this week of the movie. Follow us @mediamyxx and @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:The Golden Globes

The Hollywood Foreign Press presented the Golden Globes Awards this past Sunday and some of our favorites took home trophies. The handsome Idris Elba won, Best Actor in a miniseries or movie for his work on the BBC series Luther. Octavia Butler won for her amazing work in this summer hit  The Help while her co-star Violia Davis was overlooked in favor of incomparable Meryl Streep for her work in The Iron Lady where she played former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Hopefully the Sag Awards and The Oscars will lean more towards the Critics Choice awards and reward Viola for her remarkable work. Morgan Freeman also added to his award cabinet winning for his body of work taking home the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award. Let us know what you think of the winners and here is a full list of winners from the show here :

Mediamyxx:Tuskegee Wobble

We previously featured the previews for the upcoming movie Red Tails that is coming out January 20th. The cast of the film is on the promo trail and it landed at Tuskegee University to give a screening to the students at the school. I am happy to see a HBCU get the love in a time when you are lead to believe there is no need for them, however back on topic cast members Tristan Wilds and Elijah Kelly  join in and learn popular dance  “The Wobble”. Watch the video here and please go support this movie:

Mediamyxx: RED TAILS

I litteraly jumped out of my seat when I saw the previews to this movie please join me in excitement for the upcoming Lucasfilms produced Red Tails . The movie is based off the story of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen as they fought bravely for our country during WWII despite blatant racism. Please watch these reviews and more importantly go see the movie.

Mediamyxx:Matt Damon slams the President

Matt Damon used his Elle magazint interview to slam the President on his job performance. He refers to the President as having no balls. The clearly frustrated actor even made reference to people walking around without leadership as a reference to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Read the rest here and let us know what you think