LaCrosse Player Found Guilty

UVA former LaCrosse player George HuguelyV was found guilty yesterday of second degree murder in the death of his former girlfriend Yeardley Love. Love was found dead after a fight with Hughely and he beat her to death. Hughely was also charged and convicted of grand larceny. Funny enough he is facing 5-40 years for the two crimes he was convicted of. Read more about the case here,,20572866,00.html. Do you think justice was served in this case? Let us know @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Mediamyxx:Baby’s Money

Cash Money millionaires Baby and Slim are being sued by a woman who was attacked by Cash Money associate Alfred Williams in a studio last year. Now that Williams is serving time for the assault Nicole Westmoreland is holding the label responsible for her attack . She claims the label offered her 100,000 to keep quiet and when she refused the offered amount she says she begin getting death threats. We will keep you updated on this story , you can read the rest of the news here: and tell us what you think in the comments of @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx: Do hoes really win?

I read an article at Vibe Vixen by Demtria L . Lucas about hoes winning in 2012 that reminded me of a similar thought I had two weeks ago right around the time Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce from Kobe Bryant due to infidelity again. The talk soon turned to Vanessa’s upcoming  payout. Vanessa, married to Kobe for10 years to , had two children and they had no prenup apprently would be receiving upwards of 150 million and the house the couple shared. A week after Vanessa’s massive payout Mel Gibson’s long suffering ex wife Robin Gibson who like Vanessa had no prenupt would be receiving a whopping 450 million of Gibson’s money. These women may not be stars of reality TV shows making 10,000 an episode but THAT is what I call winning. Being a jump off and girlfriend pays the bills nicely we see you but it’s clear in court real WIVES are the one’s winning. Read Demetria’s article here : and tell us what you think

Mediamyxx:Arizona declares Mexican-American Class Illegal

Arizona’s new Attorney General, Tom Horne has sucessfully deemed a class aimed at Mexican-American studies illegal. According to Horne the class is proproganda and brainwash tactics and that violates a state law that went into effect in Jan of this year. Read the rest of the story here and tell us what you think :

Mediamyxx:Occupy Wall Street Protesters to Sue

After months of protesting for the 99% most of the Occupy Wall Street camps were broken up by local law enforcement. Protesters are now taking the fight to next level in a court of law. Several groups across the country are suing their prospective states for violating their Freedom of Speech. The constitution protects your right of free speech and of assembly. We will watch to see how this turns out. Read the rest here

Mediamyxx:Drum Major’s injuries consistant with an car crash injuries

Florida A&M University drum major, Robert Champion Jr was beaten so badly it was consistent of the injuries suffered by a car crash victim. Champion was an alleged victim of hazing by members of the university’s world famous band. Here at Mediamyxx we send prayers out to his family. Read the rest of the horrific details here :