Mediamyxx:Letoya Luckett makes 3rd CD

Letoya Luckett gears up to make her 3rd CD and she filmed and produced webisodes to promote the venture. I am not sure if she is still on Capitol Records I do know I can’t wait to hear what she is bringing to the table as both of her CD’s knock  and she is my second favorite from DC. Watch Letoya in the studio and promoting a new movie she has coming out in Vegas here:

Letoya Luckett

Mediamyxx:Lana Del Ray

For weeks all I have heard about is the buzz surrounding new singer Lana Del Ray. It’s like she came out of no where onto the hipster scene and them boom she bombed on SNL and now all the music “critics” are writing her out of the game. I have not heard her album yet but I do know she shouldn’t be expected to be perfect most artist don’t get SNL their debut album in the first place. Looking at her pictures she is a fly chick but how she will do in the long run remains to be seen. I will be on her website listening to her music tonight and wanted do know what the music listener was thinking. What do you think about Lana? Let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri and listen here:

(photo courtesy of Interscope Records)

Mediamyxx:Willow Smith Whips her Hair no more

Will and Jada’s little star Willow rose to notoriety last year with her infectious hit Whip your hair. The pre-teen has everyone waiting for her new album Knees and Elbows to drop this year on Roc Nation but she shocked everyone when she released pictures of her chopping off her hair. The 11-year-old phenom released the pictures on her site and I for one was taken aback. I have to say if anyone can pull off these looks it is Willow and she is the perfect blend of her mom and dad. Look at the pictures and tell us what you think . Pictures courtesy of Willow Smith:

Mediamyxx:Christina Millian finds her Voice

Christina Millian found a gig that doesn’t require her to give up hit songs and sleep with producers she is joining NBC’s hit show The Voice. Christina will serve as the social media correspondent. She will keep up with the tweets and trends. Congrats on the gig and read more on her new job here:

Mediamyxx:9 Lives

Robin Antin is like the Puff Daddy of burlesque she won’t stop trying to make the Pusssycat Dolls work. The former Vegas act became a pop group and had a hit album with Nicole Scherzinger as the lead singer. The group went on the tour the world but by the second album the group had fallen apart. Fed up with the treatment the other members that were not Nicole got the girls one by one pursued other avenues. Robin vowed to bring the group back and bring them back she did, the girls will star in a commercial during the Superbowl and will have 5 new members. Robin is officially more gansta than Mathew Knowles. Read here and click the interview for Robin trying to explain the reincarnation of the group: and see the picture here courtesy of

Mediamyxx:Bad Girls

This is what being a freaking Bad Girl is about. I am so sick of pop music selling you the image of what a bad girl is. Bad Girls cut their hair, color it silly colors , and pose naked. They curse and shake their fist to the ubiquitous “They” or “society” which is really nothing more than your inner insecurity not feeling like you can measure up to the next girl. Fortunately we now have a new image of bad girls thanks to Maya better known as M.I.A, try shaking your fist in an arena that can get you killed or flogged. Bad Girls make videos in Saudi Arabia about women driving when they are fighting to get their right to drive. Shout out to @jwalksonwater for the link of one of my favorite artist M.I.A putting her video out today to take advantage of the Madonna exposure. Watch the video and tell me what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Bad Girls

Mediamyxx:Madonna’s new video

We have heard for months about Madonna doing the Superbowl, her new song with M.I.A and Nicki Minaj and her upcoming tour. With the Superbowl jumping off Sunday Madge premiered her new single and video on American Idol last night. It is a fun, light pop song that doesn’t require much effort to sing much like what is on the radio today. Watch it here :Madonna Give me your Luv and as always tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Ashanti Declares her New Label

Its been years since Ashanti hit us with The Declaration the album didn’t fare too well on the charts but her singles  The Way I Love You and Good Good both did good on the R&B charts. Taking what she learned as an artist on a major label Ashanti has started her own label on gone independent and we at Mediamyxx are happy for her. Ashanti’s new album and singles will be released off of her label Written Entertainment and distributed through independent giant Entertainment One. While many laugh at independent situations most artist can make what an artist makes at a major label with only 300,000 sold. Ashanti also brokered her own  deal with I tunes for her single to be released. If she was doing Kelly Rowland numbers per say Ashanti would be killing. If she can establish a touring presence this will be a perfect move for her. We are so proud of Ashanti and hope Olivia is watching her moves. Here is more about her deal with E1:  and watch her interview with Access Hollywood as she talks about taking her career in her own hand Ashanti on Access Hollywood tell us what you think about Ashanti’s deal and listen to her song on her website

Mediamyxx:Kylie celebrates 25 years

It seems like yesterday I got my first solo in 5th grade doing Loco Motion by Kyle Minogue and apparently it was many moons as Kylie Minogue celebrates 25 years in industry by giving surprises to her fans.  If you watched a Kylie show you turn into a gay man even if you are a female like I am , go to and look at the surprises the diva has in store for you guys and follow her on twitter and she unlocks surprises. Here is a teaser videoKylie and let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Les Miserables snatches Taylors mic

As a person who sang Les Miserables in chorus while in high school I was mortified of Taylor Swift getting her vocals anywhere near the epic songs from the musical. Taylor is fine for her songs but the possibility of her singing Collette or Eponine’s parts was just too much to bear. Thankfully my inner critic was outwardly heard as the movie has going in another direction and Swift’s services are not needed. Read about the smart move by the production staff here : and tell us what you think in the comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri