Mediamyxx:Love and Hip Hop goes ATL

Love and Hip Hop is getting a spin-off and it’s going ATL style. While no cast members have been named the show was rumored since Tierra Mari took to this year’s show. I hope Tierra gets the show I root so hard for her after how her beautiful voice was handled by Def Jam will you watch the spin-off? In other Love and Hip Hop news the reunion is coming up soon and we have a previous of Chrissy reading Yandy for filth

Chrissy Sonned Yandy


Mediamyxx:Basketball Wives Trailer

The new season of Basketball Wives is upon us and VH1 has released a trailer to get you ready for the season. We have it here for you  along with a picture of the cast all courtesey of Vh1:Basketball Wives Trailer

Mediamyxx:Tardy for the Party: The Braxtons recap

Yes we late but it’s been a busy week for Mediamyxx, we apologize and you can look forward to more timely updates. With that said the Braxton sisters took a retreat to the desert this week to try to rekindle their relationship as sisters. All the girls rode horses, shot guns and their mouths off as they tried to put the embarrassment of the previous week behind them. Toni however decided to stay back and enjoy the spa as the other girls worked out their problems with the elements. Next week will be more drama inducing as the women finally deal with their dysfunctional relationships. What did you think about the Braxtons this week let us know in comments or on twitter @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Recap: Love and Hip Hop

Last night Vh1’s Love and Hip Hop had their finale and it focused on showing the girls moving forward in their lives. The show was more reflective and positive for most and left the petty fighting in Miami. Chrissy is in heaven being newly engaged as she patches up things with Jim’s mother and the couple along with Nancy headed to the  island of Jamaica. Before the trip Nancy performed her single in a club where Yandy foolishly compared it to a Beyonce transformation. Speaking of Yandy she finally admitted to her mentor Mona she crossed the line with Jim and got too involved emotionally. Yandy decided to focus on the upcoming Missy project and her jewelry line. Emily supported Chrissy and continued to want more from her Fab which makes me happy considering the bad advice she was given the prior week. Kimbella announced she is expecting another baby with Juelz and is becoming tired of his shenanigans. The rapper was arrested and Kimbella spoke in frustration over how the relationship was not moving forward. Olivia turned down a record deal for 1.5 because she feels she is worth more. Rich Dollar wisely tells her he has no more money to invest in her career as it’s clear she is dumb is as a box of rocks. The ending of Love and Hip Hop left me wanting more and I cannot wait until next season. What do you think of the finale let us know on twitter.

Mediamyxx:Kristen Cavallari expecting

Laguna Beach and The Hills star Kristen Cavallari star Kristen Cavallari is expecting her first child with fiance Jay Cutler announced. The reality starlet and her Chicago Bears quarterback fiance said they are thrilled to expand their family. Congrats to you guys from us here at Mediamyxx may you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Read the details of the news here :,,20562488,00.html

Mediamyxx:Kourtney and Kim bore Mediamyxx

Stepping up to the plate to do my blogging duties I watched E’s Kourtney and Kim Take New York and it took every fiber in my being not to change the channel. It was boring and even that is an understatement. Kim wants to hire a medium to connect to her Dad, Scott vies for Kourtney’s attention and Kris’s sister Kayla comes to New York to visit . Kim continues to edit the show to try to paint her as the victim of a bad marriage. Kris is terrible because he has a mind of his own and tells her the truth. He is the same annoying smug guy he was when introduced to the world he is the poster child for the word jock. Work out, play ball and continue to act like a 16-year old with the “guy code”. No amount of editing can hide the truth of Kim being vapid and in love with herself the truth is there will never be room for anyone that can’t expand her brand. Kourtney and Scott on the other hand tried to come to middle ground regarding taking pictures together. Kourtney thinks pictures are cheesy and Scott wanted proof he was still in the picture. After a failed attempt to have a painting made the pair had their pictures taken by Kim high above New York.  Kris Humphries worked out, and took shots at and  Mason is adorable. The climax (if you can call it that) was John Edwards speaking to their Dad from beyond the grave where they out Kourtney’s pregnancy and Kim’s Dad sons her with did you learn from your first divorce. The conclusion of this snorefest is next week and I will muster enough brain power to inform you how Mama Kris edits the breakup. Let us know what you think. Did you watch? Hit us up on twitter to give your thoughts on the show @mediamyxx. @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Recap: Mob Wives

Tonight Vh1’s Mob Wives aired and I realized the tough talking girls from Staten Island are wearing me thin. There has to be more in life than fighting and arguing  either make up or move on but the Karen/Drita situation is past its expiration date. Drita we get it you fought alot, you fought in every bar you and Carla go to drink at now but enough with the stories about throwing hands. There has to be more in your life then fighting also for the record, what happened to you at Renee’s party is no different from what happen to Karen on the rooftop. Karen we get it you will “Keep coming” ok you have the heart of a lion ok but so what. Drita has your mind and you have hers it’s time to focus on some form of talent. At least the Basketball wives and Love and Hip Hop girls try to expand their brands during the show. Carla was her using boring self while looking amazing but I must say she was 100% correct when dealing with Karen about their issues.  Renee was the laugh I needed for the night going  all Faye Dunaway circa Mommie Dearest with the no crumbs on her floor while clearly having too much to drink. Then there is my new fav Big Ang all about having a good time living life to the fullest. With the way the main cast is acting hopely she will get more airtime because this episode left me wanting. What do you think let me know over at @mediamyxx or @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Recap: Love and Hip Hop

Doing my duties as a Blogger in the know I watch the reality shows that keeps twitter and social media buzzing. This week was no exception as I watched the new episode of Love and Hip Hop. To recap the episode Yandy spent the entire episode saying she was loyal and trying to get the other girls to side with her over Chrissy, Kimbella and Erica continue to play the Who Run the World (video girls) game, Olivia continued to live on denial street and Emily continued to pretend she isn’t stupid over Fab. The best moment of this weeks show is when industry powerhouse Mona Scott-Young explained to Yandy how she crossed the line. While she refuses to see it there is a difference between business and personal. You do not get kudos for being loyal to your client that is your job and if you behave in a personal manner you wouldn’t cross your clients significant others path in the first place. What do you think about what Mona said to Yandy and give us your thoughts on this week’s new episode.

Mediamyxx:Love Hip Hop and a Ring

On last night’s episoide of Love and Hip Hop social networks were ablaze about the second engagement of Jim Jones and Chrissy Lumpkin. When Jim showed up to Chrissy’s girl trip in Miami he gave a proposal that put Martin’s original proposal to Gina to shame. Twitter begin to chirp about Chrissy begging and pleading for him to marry her. So the question I want to ask is how long is too long to wait to get what you want when your dream is to be with somneone else. Was Chrissy being proactive to achevive her marriage dream or is her engagement ring yet another “pain killer” from Jim. Does this pain killer buy Jim more years on actually getting married or is next season already in play about setting a date and of course the spin off Jim and Chrissy get married?What say you give us your opinion.