LaCrosse Player Found Guilty

UVA former LaCrosse player George HuguelyV was found guilty yesterday of second degree murder in the death of his former girlfriend Yeardley Love. Love was found dead after a fight with Hughely and he beat her to death. Hughely was also charged and convicted of grand larceny. Funny enough he is facing 5-40 years for the two crimes he was convicted of. Read more about the case here,,20572866,00.html. Do you think justice was served in this case? Let us know @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Mediamyxx:Rep. Barney Frank to marry longtime partner

We would like to send congratulations to Rep. Barney Frank as he is set to wed his longtime love Jim Ready. Rep. Frank  will marry in Massachusetts where and plans to retire at the end of his term in 2013. Read the rest of the happy news here:–abc-news.html

Mediamyxx:Seal confesses he and Hedi could reconcile

As Seal makes the talk show rounds to promote his latest album he is also talking about his seperation from Hedi Klum. While the couple separated last week both are still wearing their rings and Seals holds out hope the couple could reconcile. We like them together and hope for the best read the rest of the interview here:,,20564499,00.html and you know tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Aretha Franklin calls off wedding

Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin has had a change of heart and canceled her summer wedding to fiance Wayne Wilkerson. We reported the two became engaged in during earlier January and according to Ms. Franklin she wanted to slow down because things were moving too fast. Read the rest here :,,20563887,00.html

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Mediamyxx:Vanessa Bryant 3 homes and 75 million dollars richer

Vanessa Bryant got a hell of a package for her troubles with ex basketball star Kobe Bryant. Vanessa not only got half of the couples 150 million dollar net worth but Ms. Bryant got the 3 homes the couple owned. Kobe will have to find another place to stay. In other News TMZ is also reporting that Basketball Wives is in hot pursuit of Vanessa Bryant and hoping to get her on the show. I have to admit that would be awesome to have her on the show Kobe and Shaq’s ex wives together that is good TV. Let us know what you think of Vanessa’s care package on twitter @mediamyxx @akireshenri and read the other details of Vanessa’s score here:

Mediamyxx: Do hoes really win?

I read an article at Vibe Vixen by Demtria L . Lucas about hoes winning in 2012 that reminded me of a similar thought I had two weeks ago right around the time Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce from Kobe Bryant due to infidelity again. The talk soon turned to Vanessa’s upcoming  payout. Vanessa, married to Kobe for10 years to , had two children and they had no prenup apprently would be receiving upwards of 150 million and the house the couple shared. A week after Vanessa’s massive payout Mel Gibson’s long suffering ex wife Robin Gibson who like Vanessa had no prenupt would be receiving a whopping 450 million of Gibson’s money. These women may not be stars of reality TV shows making 10,000 an episode but THAT is what I call winning. Being a jump off and girlfriend pays the bills nicely we see you but it’s clear in court real WIVES are the one’s winning. Read Demetria’s article here : and tell us what you think

Mediamyxx:Love Hip Hop and a Ring

On last night’s episoide of Love and Hip Hop social networks were ablaze about the second engagement of Jim Jones and Chrissy Lumpkin. When Jim showed up to Chrissy’s girl trip in Miami he gave a proposal that put Martin’s original proposal to Gina to shame. Twitter begin to chirp about Chrissy begging and pleading for him to marry her. So the question I want to ask is how long is too long to wait to get what you want when your dream is to be with somneone else. Was Chrissy being proactive to achevive her marriage dream or is her engagement ring yet another “pain killer” from Jim. Does this pain killer buy Jim more years on actually getting married or is next season already in play about setting a date and of course the spin off Jim and Chrissy get married?What say you give us your opinion.

Mediamyxx:LeBron liked it and Put a Ring on it

LeBron James brought in 2012 by getting engaged to longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson. LeBron along with the couples two sons proposed marriage at a New Years Eve party hosted by James Miami Heat teammate Dwanye Wade and girlfriend Gabrielle Union.  Congrats to the couple and its about time LeBron, read about the engagement and party here:,,20557865,00.html

Mediamyxx:Kim Kardashian planting stories?

Since the end of Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries her well calculated career has been under the microscope. The whispers coming from around the web said she would use her show Kourtney and Kim Take New York to show why her marriage fell apart. According to the countless stories from the tabloid press Kim would be seen as the victim as Kris berated her and taunted her friend questioning his sexuality. Instead the show has continued to show Kim as a selfish, narcissistic shell of a human who only cares about fame and material things. On the previous episode Kris throws a party while Kim is gone and she “catches” girls in their suite, however the NY Post claims the story line is fake, and set up by producers of the show. Read the rest here and let us know what you think?