Mediamyxx:Oprah is not Blue’s Fairy Godmother

Yesterday we told you a certain website put out a rumor that Oprah was Blue Ivy Carter’s Godmother. We also informed we were 99.9% sure it was false , well we were once again proven right about the said site as once again their “source” was wrong. Gayle King puts the rumors to rest and states Oprah is not the baby’s godmother and hasn’t even bought a gift for the young princess as she is currently out of the country. Well there you have it another rumor debunked,read the rest of the interview with King here: and tell us what you think , give us your comments or hit us up on twitter @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Mediamyxx:Stupid in Love

I have tried to stay away from this story but reading  US Weekly’s article  about the alleged “hooking up” of   Chris Brown and Rihanna made me toss my two cents into the depths of  cyberspace. For months various “sources” have alluded to the pair hooking back up and being in contact with each other. We all know the back story, young love shattered when two spoiled celebrities have a blow out in the back of a car after a pre-Grammy party. Their lives changed forever as Chris Brown was the pirah of the industry and Rihanna was championed for her bravery since the unfortunate occurence. It is clear that the couple broke up because the industry forced them to,  Rihanna received warnings from Oprah, Ellen and every domestic violence expert that found an outlet that would feature them. Chris Brown went on ill-advised interviews and twitter rants which did nothing for his image as he seemed surprised  and baffled by the pubic backlash and then there is  Rihanna turned well slutty. She has put out three albums since the assault seems to revel in using the public sympathy to negate her of any responsiblity. When the incident first happen she did her infamous ABC interview with Diane Sawyer where she cared about the message she sent to young girls. Now two albums and hair colors later she is no role model and not responsible for the images she puts out. She just has to live the “Rock Star” life style which means drinking, partying , smoking weed and planting pictures to in the press to back that image up. Chris seemed to move responsibly doing his community service, getting rave reviews from the judge during progress reports and in releasing his album  F.A.M.E in 2011 spawning the mega hit Look at me Now and duces. Chris Brown was back performing at the awards shows, getting mainstream interviews and dating model Karrueche Tran. Chris’s comeback was noticed by the industry when he received Grammy nominations for the album and praise from former love Rihanna. Rihanna’s tune on Chris changed more in the last year then her vocals during a live performance. When the pop tart covered Rolling Stone she explained her strange decision to remove the restraining order against Brown as professional decision. ” His career did nothing to me” she informed the public and told her fans “I never need to talk to Chris Brown again”. Of course before the interview hit  stands the Bajan had already followed Chris on twitter so she would be able to talk to him again in direct messages on the social network. When her fans called her out on the decision she snapped at the fan.  That was explained in her Glamour  interview as it’s just twitter not marriage. Fast forward to her Esquire interview where the Bajan praised Brown’s ability to turn his career around when his back was to the wall and cited how she love the music he was making and that leads to the pair twitter declarations of love for each other. Star, Life and Style , In Touch and the National Enquirer have run stories about Rihanna’s undying love for her ex and with the Us Weekly story we can only  say where there is smoke there is fire. Chris Brown’s rep says he and Rihanna are just friends and he has not strayed on Karrueche and Rihanna seems to enjoy the attention the story brings her as she plant photos in the press of her smoking weed, wearing G-Strings and being raunchy. Who knows where this obsession will land the two of them but Mediamyxx will be here to report it. What is your opinion on this story? Hit us at @mediamyxx or @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Seal and Hedi to divorce

In a shocker TMZ broke the story Hedi Klum is seeking to end her marriage to singer Seal. The couple who married in 2005 had a touch 2011 and decided to go their separate ways. Here at Mediamyxx we wish their small children the best as the transition through this hard time here are more details on the shocking split:

Mediamyxx:Puff, Puff pass

If the NYDN is to be believed  Sean “Puffy” Combs was acting “controlling” to Cameron Diaz at the Weinestein Co after party for the Golden Globes. Puff apparently demanded Diaz to leave when he spotted her talking to another male party goer. The star happily left with the hip hop mogul and seemed to like the rough talk. Puff has shown excellent time management skills finding time to spend with rumored flame Cassie and baby mother Kim Porter. Wrap it up Puff!

Mediamyxx:Kanye moving to London?

Kanye West is rumored to be moving to London in the new year. The Hip Hop superstar is alledgedly making the move to sharpen his fashion skills after his DW womenswear line was panned when he debuted it during Fashion Week in Paris. If this is true we are proud of Kanye getting the education necessary instead of giving up. Read more about the rumored move here :