Mediamyxx:Eddie Long a King?

In a recent church sermon Eddie Long went from being a Bishop to a King. This is not a prank guest speaker Ralph Messer called the troubled man of God a King and preceded to conduct a mock ceremony of the title before the church. I will withhold judgment. Look at the video here: Kang Eddie  and please just give us your comments as I am clearly at a loss of words.

Mediamyxx:The Miseducation of Minority Children

In not so surprising news of the day there is another report that Black and Latino’s are testing behind whites in reading and math in school. The gap is closed during elementary and middle school but once high school begins the scores indicate the same level as 30 years ago. While there certainly is plenty of blame to go around from inadequate resources to  teachers who lower their expectations for minorities this epidemic has to be put in the forefront of issues in our community. If you have the time to get angry and upset over who Tyler Perry is putting in his movie then you have the time to focus on the miseducation of minority children and use our influence to educate our communities the same way we did after slavery. What do you think about minorities falling behind. Read the rest of this compelling article here:

Mediamyxx:Update: Florida A&M drum major possibly targeted for sexuality

We reported Florida A&M University band major was killed during hazing rituals for the band, however his family reveals the 26-year-old may have been targeted because he was gay. Robert Champion, Jr’s family attorney revealed to CBS that witnesses of the assult alluded to his sexuality being the catalyst for his fatal beating. We will keep you updated on this story and read the rest of the heartbreaking story here:

Mediamyxx:Missing Teen Deported

Grandmother finds her missing teenage granddaughter in a jail in Columbia, South America. The teenager who ran away from her Dallas  home in 2010, made her way to Houston where she was arrested. When asked her name the teenager gave her alias which happen to match the name of a Columbian in the country illegally. Read the rest of the bizarre story here :

Mediamyxx:The Republican Race is wide open

Last night in Iowa Mitt Romney edged out Rick  Santorum by eight votes in the state caucus showing the race is wide open for the party’s nominee for president. The shocking results shows at this time there is no clear front runner to run against President Barack Obama. The results also showed Ron Paul is still hanging around. Next week the party moves into New Hamshire for primary. Read the rest here :

Mediamyxx:Homey.. Worker.. Friend

In last nights episode of TI and Tiny, TI had a book signing in LA and took his wife Tiny along with him. To make sure she wasn’t board Tiny brought along her own friends including her friend/hair stylist Shekinah. As the episode progresses Shekinah becomes frustrated with Tiny because she hangs with her “rich friends” and she is broke. Shekinah says Tiny treats her like a friend one minute and an employee the next and it gets confusing to her. It became obviously confusing when Tiny was pitching a late night talk show ideal to Tip’s agent. She continued to speak out of turn and irritated TIP’s agent by doing so. I sat there in disbelief as Tiny actually explained herself to Shekinah instead of putting her in her place. TI said it best you can be my friend for free or do your job and accept your salary and the perks that comes along with this agreement. What do you think about this?


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