Mediamyxx:Jobs Continue to Rise

243,000 more jobs were added to the  US economy in January continuing the upward trend on economic stability. Of course the new couldn’t come at a worst time as Mitt Romney and his dislike for the poor would have you believe the only way to recovery is lowering taxes for the rich and letting it trickle down. Read the great news on jobs here and what it means for Election 2012:

Mediamyxx:Birth Control Pills being recalled

In Yikes news of the day Pfizer Inc is pulling a million packages of birth control pills off the market because of packaging that could potentially reduce the effectiveness of the pills resulting in unwanted pregnancies. Lo/Ovral-28 tablets and 14 generic brands were pulled this morning. This is yet another wake up calls ladies to strap up despite what you do personally to prevent babies, you can still get pregnant and of course there are the diseases that can also come with unprotected sex read about the recall here: and let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:US Post Office raises the price of stamps

The price to mail a letter has once again gone up. This time the price went to 45 cents from the previous 44. This hike is the second hike in less than a year as the postal service is having issues keeping up with technology from other services. The cause of the postal services troubles is mainly electronic mail the service is normally free and it’s faster getting the information within seconds. Read more of the US Post office trouble here: and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:When SEALS attack

The US Navy Seals once again take on Somali pirates as they rescue western aid workers held in the country for three months. Seals parachuted in to the country after six helicopters carried them to their location to rescue American born aid worker Jessica Buchanan and Danish Dane Poul Thisted . The orders were placed due to American born Buchanan’s failing health according to official reports. Read the rest of the amazing rescue here : and tell us what you think of the mission in comments or on twitter @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Affirmation Action in Jeopardy

Affirmation action is under attack yet again by naysayers using a Duke University study showing blacks don’t do as well in science programs. For the record the study doesn’t mention affirmative action at all but that hasn’t stopped opponents of the  program to cry foul. For years students who don’t get into their school of choice have blamed affirmative action as the reason they were turned away and have fought vigorously to have program dismantled. The Supreme Court upheld Affirmative Action in 2003 but with the election of Barack Obama and conservatives determined to repeal the act we should be proactive and pay attention to who we vote for this year. On top of repealing affirmative action they also want to remove funding for black colleges. We have to be diligent this year with our precious vote. Read the excellent article here at and tell us what you think about this story in the comments or on twitter @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:RIM Ceo’s step down

In a move surprising to no one RIM Ceo’s Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis are stepping down. The company who produces Blackberry has had a hard time keeping with the technology and applications based phones as Apple and Android operating systems continue to dominate the market. The company has no intention of selling at this time despite the change at the top .  As a faithful Blackberry user I hope the company can make a turn around I miss my Blackberry it is my favorite phone. Read more on the company’s  struggle to compete here:,0,5512027.story

Mediamyxx:40/40 closed for Health Code Violations

In not surprising news Jay-z 40/40 club was briefly shut down for health code violations. The restaurant received a grade C by the state after an inspection. This is even more interesting since the club just reopened this week after being closed for renovations and repairs. I know that Jay is loyal to his friends that came through the struggle with him but just maybe he should look outside his group of friends to manage this club. The 40/40 has a long line of documented issues over the past years. Read the violations of the club and tell us what you think:

Mediamyxx:Revisit: Deported teen returns home, pregnant

Weeks ago we informed you of a TX teen who mistakenly was deported to Columbia when arrested after running away from home. The teen was believed to be a 21 year old Colombian inside the US illegally. The teen was enrolled in a program once deported and was working a call center job expecting her first child when the mix up was discovered. At this time immigration doesn’t have an explanation of how the minor child fell through the cracks but we will keep you posted with any updates. Read more of the deets on this crazy story here:


On January 24th of this year congress will begin to hear arguments  regarding two bills set to curb internet piracy. SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) . The act is being backed by major movie studios , and music labels to help curb piracy of their goods however  it is also threatening to censor the internet and that is a violation of our constitutional rights. SOPA for instance would allow the federal government to shut down entire domains if they conclude the site is being used for piracy and that is without trial or a hearing.  This bill is similar to what China and Middle Eastern countries have to monitor and control what the citizens are allowed to view on the web. Many of us have used the internet to become build our own personal brands and live the American Dream. Please tell congress NO to censorship on the internet and NO to SOPA  and PIPA!

Mediamyxx:Hotel Prices Up, Economy Up?

I read an interesting article at the Economist today that points to rising ADR for hotel room rates indicating a turn in the economy. Businesses are letting people travel again and they are paying more for rooms which give hope slowly but surely the economy is starting to turn around. The article does caution that construction of new hotels is down so it warns not to be too optimistic but its one in many signs Americans are ready to start spending again. Read the article here and tell us what you think: