Here Kitty Kitty

As I have posted before I am in love with Melody Ehsani. Her around the way girl style just speaks to me and I love her earrings and necklaces. Once again she didn’t disappoint me as she brought back the door knocker earrings. I have been looking for lion door knocker earrings ever since Kelis wore them in her live performance in 2010.  Look below as Melody brings this to life for me and don’t forget to look at her entire line here also for good measure look at the Kelis performance that gave me the inspiration and tell me what you think here in comments or on my twitter @akireshenri


My Favorite Things: Melody Ehsani

As I get older the things that appeal to me don’t cost alot but the creatvity and statement it makes is what pulls me in. I guess that’s why instead of being drawn to bling I am drawn to dope designer Melody Ehsani. Her peices are fly, different, upscale with a twist and I love them.  I am looking at the new looks for spring and the earrings that stand out to me are the  art deco peices and the asjai heel. Look at the pictures below courtesy of and tell me what you favorite peices are @akireshenri