Mediamyxx:Hip Hop Hooray

As a girl raised in the hip hop era I was overjoyed to find out style maven June Ambrose was getting her own show. June is responsible for the Shiny Suits Puff wore and the Mary J that was so hood and so fly. She is responsible to emancipating Mimi’s breast from a shirt and turning Jay-z into a grown man burning his jeans and jersey for a more refined grown up look. June is the official stylist of the US version of the X factor and that is great considering she got her start working at MCA Records. June’s show Styled by June, premieres in March on VH1 and the maven finally is getting her just due in the world of fashion. Read this amazing write-up on June here: and tell us will you be watching June’s show hit us here in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

(photo courtesy of NY Daily News)


Mediamyxx:Puff to Launch Music Channel

Since Hip Hop began to get  money I have waited for someone to step up to the plate and make a channel that features our music and culture and Puff finally stepped out. Puff is launching Revolt on 12/12/12 and is described as “the old Mtv” and like the businessman he is funding for the channel is already set up. The channel will is set to premiere on Time Warner Cable and Comcast. Go Puff we at Mediamyxx are so proud of you. Hopefully we will take Puff lead and get a movie studio and production company off the ground and stop complaining about roles.  Read the entire story here: