Mediamyxx:Rihanna to launch fashion reality show in the UK

Though her best fashion days are behind her Rihanna is launching and producing a reality based fashion show in the UK. The show’s name or launch date hasn’t been revealed but it will be shown around her performance for the Wireless Festival this summer. The contestants will compete with challeges given by Rihanna and Nicola Roberts formerly of Uk pop group Girls Aloud will host the show.  Though I am and not a fan of her obvious lack of musical talent this is a great business move for the Bajan star and we wish her nothing but the best. What do you think of Rihanna’s new business venture let us know in the comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Attention Whores: Rihanna gets a dumb tattoo and tweets about it

Rihanna continues her look at me behavior this time by getting a dumb tattoo and posting it on twitter. She got “Thug Life” on her knuckles in white ink and rushed to post  the pictures on twitter. Of course she is just “living her life” or ‘being young” her supporters rush to defend her silly actions just as they did when she clearly wanted to be seen smoking weed while on vacation in Hawaii. On top of the stupid tat she looks like she absolutely reeks of alcohol and weed. Hey she wants the attention here is goes look at the stupid tat here:

Mediamyxx:Rita Roc’s


When Roc Nation signed Albanian born, British raised starlet Rita Ora in 2008 many of us were  baffled by the selection. The singer who was known for her duets with fellow Brit crooner Craig David looked like the typical pop star beautiful face and short on talent. We are glad to  say Rita does not fit into that model the stunning Albanian has surprising soulful pipes and is ready to Roc the world. Rita already has companies lining up for her unique beauty as she fronts ads for Calvin Klein and is the face of Roc Nation’s venture with Skull Candy. She teamed up with DJ Fresh and dropped Hot Right Now and is ready to drop her debut single Party and Bullshit. Rita also is a fashion maven and is a favorite for fashion based blogs. Her Where’s Waldo meets Gwen Stefani style seems to be a hit as Rihanna clearly got uncredited inspiration for her Talk  that Talk era. We here at Mediamyxx are excited about Rita and hope Roc Nation gives her the push she deserves to take  her star to higher levels. Watch her videos and funny diaries about her journey at  her official website: What do you think about Rita hit us up in comments or twitter @mediamyxx @akireshenri (photo courtesy of Roc Nation)

Mediamyxx:Ice T calls Pop Stars Delusional

Ice T is best known by this generation as his character “Finn” on Law and Order: SVU but before that he was a rapper from the West Coast. When asked about today’s pop stars at  Sundance he didn’t hold his tongue when calling them “delusional”.  “Music as a whole is delusional. If you listen to pop records right now, you’ll believe everybody’s rollin’, poppin’ bottles, life is perfect. Life is [bleeped] up right now! But everyone’s in a bubble that it’s all good. We’re all floating around like, ‘I’m broke, but. . . hey, pop a bottle, buy some Guuu-cci” I couldn’t agree more from Katy Perry’s This Friday Night to Rihanna’s Cheers music is about nothing but getting drunk and disposable relationships. Not to mention that most of these stars couldn’t sing their way into to hell let along heaven when performing live. I often pray that not only will talent and voice reemerge to the top but self-respect as well, Adele gives me hope. What do you think about Ice T’s comments do you agree?

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Mediamyxx:Stupid in Love

I have tried to stay away from this story but reading  US Weekly’s article  about the alleged “hooking up” of   Chris Brown and Rihanna made me toss my two cents into the depths of  cyberspace. For months various “sources” have alluded to the pair hooking back up and being in contact with each other. We all know the back story, young love shattered when two spoiled celebrities have a blow out in the back of a car after a pre-Grammy party. Their lives changed forever as Chris Brown was the pirah of the industry and Rihanna was championed for her bravery since the unfortunate occurence. It is clear that the couple broke up because the industry forced them to,  Rihanna received warnings from Oprah, Ellen and every domestic violence expert that found an outlet that would feature them. Chris Brown went on ill-advised interviews and twitter rants which did nothing for his image as he seemed surprised  and baffled by the pubic backlash and then there is  Rihanna turned well slutty. She has put out three albums since the assault seems to revel in using the public sympathy to negate her of any responsiblity. When the incident first happen she did her infamous ABC interview with Diane Sawyer where she cared about the message she sent to young girls. Now two albums and hair colors later she is no role model and not responsible for the images she puts out. She just has to live the “Rock Star” life style which means drinking, partying , smoking weed and planting pictures to in the press to back that image up. Chris seemed to move responsibly doing his community service, getting rave reviews from the judge during progress reports and in releasing his album  F.A.M.E in 2011 spawning the mega hit Look at me Now and duces. Chris Brown was back performing at the awards shows, getting mainstream interviews and dating model Karrueche Tran. Chris’s comeback was noticed by the industry when he received Grammy nominations for the album and praise from former love Rihanna. Rihanna’s tune on Chris changed more in the last year then her vocals during a live performance. When the pop tart covered Rolling Stone she explained her strange decision to remove the restraining order against Brown as professional decision. ” His career did nothing to me” she informed the public and told her fans “I never need to talk to Chris Brown again”. Of course before the interview hit  stands the Bajan had already followed Chris on twitter so she would be able to talk to him again in direct messages on the social network. When her fans called her out on the decision she snapped at the fan.  That was explained in her Glamour  interview as it’s just twitter not marriage. Fast forward to her Esquire interview where the Bajan praised Brown’s ability to turn his career around when his back was to the wall and cited how she love the music he was making and that leads to the pair twitter declarations of love for each other. Star, Life and Style , In Touch and the National Enquirer have run stories about Rihanna’s undying love for her ex and with the Us Weekly story we can only  say where there is smoke there is fire. Chris Brown’s rep says he and Rihanna are just friends and he has not strayed on Karrueche and Rihanna seems to enjoy the attention the story brings her as she plant photos in the press of her smoking weed, wearing G-Strings and being raunchy. Who knows where this obsession will land the two of them but Mediamyxx will be here to report it. What is your opinion on this story? Hit us at @mediamyxx or @akireshenri

Mediamyxx:Tardy to the Party: Chris Brown gets ink for girlfriend

Despite the many rumors about Chris Brown flirting with ex Rihanna he shows the world his feelings for girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Chris not only tattoos her name across his heart but tattooed her face on his body. It’s clear he didnt learn from Nas but hey young dumb love is the best kind. Hopefully things stay smoothing sailing for this couple as removing a tat is harder than getting it put on. See pictures of the tatoo here:

Mediamyxx:Nigga What?

This time last week the media was at a fever pitch about singer Rihanna and her blow up with Jackie Magazine. We gave our unique view on the blow up here but true to form the media lauded brave Rihanna for taking to her twitter to write an impassioned rebuttal to the writer’s “desperate” use of the word Nigger when in reference to the singer. Urban bloggers gave the good for her spiel while the commenters gave credit to her advanced education she received in the Caribbean. Apparently even though Rihanna dropped out of school she is still ahead of US pop stars and didn’t need a publicist to write her rebuttal for her. Other bloggers and members of media didn’t understand how the Dutch could think Nigger would be an ok word to use and thought the excuse it was a joke was a plea bargain. A week later now the dust of settled Rihanna did what she does best, make fools out of people who support her. She took to twitter to confess she uses the word in her everyday interactions AND she thinks it’s funny that white people don’t have the same right to the word. Of course outside of this piece there will be no tough love for the singer. Everyone got what they wanted the media got a story during a slow news week, the bloggers got hits and Rihanna got about 40k more in record sales. Meanwhile an editor is out of a job and the debate on white people using nigga outside of paying 500 dollars for a rap concert rages on. I am sure there is a faux controversy around the bin for Rihanna and I am sure the media will feign the faux outrage as they cover it but know we still feel the same today as we felt the last week. Hopefully we can begin a real conversation about the use of the word among the youth. If white people can’t use it fine then stop with tanning of America claims, the claims of how hip hop bridged the races and how the word lost its power.  If the word still causes outrage then the power is very much still there. What do you think of the situation?

Mediamyxx :Rihanna and the Niggerbitch Debate

The web is ablaze about dutch magazine Jackie calling Rihanna a “niggerbitch” during a fashion segment in the magazine. In that segment it  teaches dutch women how to wear her “ghetto” styles with their specfic climate. Of course Rihanna took to twitter to “read” them and TALK THAT TALK showing she is no push over saying:@evajackie I hope u can read english, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights! I find you disrespectful, and rather desperate!! You ran out of legit, civilized information to print! There are 1000’s of Dutch girls who would love to be recognized for their contributions to your country, you could have given them an article. Instead, u paid to print one degrading an entire race! That’s your contribution to this world! To encourage segregation, to mislead the future leaders to act in the past! You put two words together, with the intent of abasement, that made no sense…”***** BITCH”?!….Well with all respect, on behalf of my race, here are my two words for you…FUCK YOU!!!  . I guess I should clap and go good for you Ri but I won’t. As a matter of fact the magazine should @ her back and go thank you for proving our point. Rihanna just posted on her twitter about some alleged racist encounter and out of the blue magazine uses racist slurs against her? Sorry I don’t beleive you and you need more people to me this is nothing more but a stunt used to put her back in the public’s eye as a victim. If you follow Rihanna’s career this happens frequently when her shenanigans make headlines. Earlier this year when Rihanna was “sick” during the Grammy’s with the flu and had to pull out of two charity events all while mustering up the strength to party with her Roc Nation co-horts pictures of her fight with Chris Brown researfaced and it went from irresponsible Rihanna to “Poor Ri”. Of course history repeats itself and Rihanna again in the headlines for her smoking, drinking and partying ways now is being bullied by some random guy in a hotel per her twitter page and boom a Dutch fashion magazine picks up the racist flag and calls her a “niggabitch”.  Ok Rihanna and team claps for effort but this is nothing more than another plant to the press plain and simple. Maybe they should have called it “Niggas in the Netherlands” and put ball so hard beside it. According to Jay-z he takes the power from the word every time he uses it and he uses it alot.  Just in Toronto he along with Kanye  performed the pair’s hit song  Niggas in Paris 11 times. It is always the people who use nigga the most who get the  bent out of shape when it comes back on them. Rihanna’s twitter is a combination of nigga this, pussy that and other fowl and obnoxious sayings  daily, so much so the ” rascist” hotel employee almost brought out the “nigga” in you.. The magazine was wrong yes and I am sure this writer will face the “scary”( inserts laughter) Rihanna Navy in her @ on twitter but I urge people to stop  getting upset over other groups using the word if we consistently market it to them. Jay-z and Steve Stout tell us tirelessly how hip hop has done more for racial relations than any other movement in history . Well if that’s the case then stop getting so upset when everyone wants the right.  What is your opinion ?